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3DS Review

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Two weeks ago I went to Sanborns and bought a 3DS that had 20% discount! I wanted to wait until the Pink 3DS came out, but I couldn’t resist. Now when the Pink one comes out I’ll have to sell this one.


Btw.. the picture above is not an oficial 3DS picture, it’s been obviously altered in Photoshop =P

Moving on, this is my opinion of the 3DS so far:

Esthetics: Regarding the anatomy, it’s glossy finish is beautiful and stylish, however it is a bit chubby when closed. I prefer the DSi body design, but the surface on the 3DS is definitely better. A good thing is that it is less heavy than the DSi. I can’t wait for it to come out in Pink! come on Nintendo please!!!!

Hardware: The Circle Pad is a great addition, its a perfect analog stick. The fact that is has a wireless communications switch is awesome, this way I don’t have to go all over the menu to turn it on/off. The buttons are small an cute, however in my opinion the power button is positioned in a risky place, I’m afraid I might press it accidentally, the good thing is it doesn’t power off immediately, but what if you are on a deadly online match! It is really confortable to hold. The 3D switch is located on the perfect spot. The select, home and start button look great, but are a bit hard to push for me. The Display size is ok, but I got used to the DSi size, now I feel this one is a little small… good thing I didn’t get the DSi XL! haha (the only DS version I haven’t had)

Functionality: The OS is great, I remember my first DS, I had to turn it off whenever I wanted to change something in the setting or change games, I love this now! I think it takes a little to much to start up though, but that is compensated with the beautiful user-friendly menu you get. All the pre-included apps are great.

Regarding the 3D technology, it’s brilliant! It takes a little to get used to though, but once you look at it from the right angle it looks amazing. What I don’t like is that 3D drains the battery too fast for me, I always have my 3DS on the lowest brightness in order to save battery. The other DS have way much more battery life, therefore most of the time I use it on DS compatibility mode. The sound is average, the first DS beats the 3DS regarding sound, but it is still acceptable.


Overall I recommend it 100%, It’s far way better than all other DS, except for little things. I still have to use it more though!

My Score: 9 out of 10


Dream Checklist

★ Go to an E3 sponsored
★ Design characters for games
★ Have our own clothing line
★ Be sponsored by a videogame company
★ Get our own GAL limited edition control
★ Become internationally known
★ Organize our own events
★ Make awesome group cosplays


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